Nate Royer

A digital mechanic working in the cloud.

I, Nate Royer, am a digital mechanic tinkering with the cloud by working my way through the heap slowly cataloging threads of knowledge gained by practice, experience and talking to the other kids in the school yard (psssst, Emily has cooties, pass it on).

I am currently earning a wage as a Senior Operations Engineer with a Linux based, globally distributed, cloud platform.

Some of my former professions include: a Senior Technical Service Manager working with multiple well known video streaming platforms and gaming services, an Integration Engineer or Activation Technician for web applications, a Windows, Linux, Apple Network System Administrator; a Product Group Expert (Digital Asset Manager) with a marketing agency working on behalf of a globally recognized automotive brand, a Technical Customer Support Technician for a top tier computer software and hardware manufacture, a Partner and Operator for a boutique digital printing service, an Assistant Manager and Technician for a world renowned museum's digital service bureau and most importantly as a Sandwich Artist.